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  • Ocean Plastic: Problem Solver or Greenwashing?

    Ocean Plastic: Problem Solver or Greenwashing?

    The term "ocean plastic" has become very controversial. Our goal is to find effective solutions to the global plastic flood problem and not dwell on specific terms.

  • Say no to plastic!

    Say no to plastic!

    Our planet is suffocating in plastic: 19 to 23 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans, lakes, and rivers every year. Microplastics have already reached the Arctic and the deep seas. Is there any way to rectify the issue?

  • Save the Fish

    Save the Fish

    By 2050, more plastic waste will be found in our oceans than fish. A large percentage of plastic waste which ends up in the ocean is a result of old fishing nets setting marine life and birds in danger. Save the oceans and reduce plastic waste by switching to our ocean plastic refill system! 

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