Visionary Ingredients

Organic Ferments

Care and preservation in one easy swoop! Hands on Veggies places importance on precious, natural fermented ingredients that act as preserving agents while also caring for the skin. All this is achieved without sensitising as is the case with conventional preservatives.


... is the heart of the Hands on Veggies Green Cosmetics brand. The colourful vegetable diversity not only ensures skin and hair are supplied with essential vitamins and nutrients through food but also cares for our body externally. Vitamins, antioxidants, minerals alongside several other conditioning and caring ingredients are infused in our product range. Oils, fermented substances and extracts are part of the natural, vegetable components that make up our products. Whether it be moisturising avocado, astringent artichoke or vitamin C-rich kale: here you will find your perfect hair and skincare match.

Mild Sugar Surfactants

... cleanse the skin and hair in a natural way. Our motto: lather is a must, sulphates not! We have used well-thought-out combinations of skin-friendly sugar surfactants to deliver delightfully natural products rich in foam.