What Is a Conditioner and How Do You Use It Correctly?

Conditioner, often called rinse in the past, is an essential part of your hair care routine. This popular product is used on wet or damp hair and promises intensive care that protects your hair from split ends and dryness.

The surface of our hair is structured in a similar way to a pine cone and consists of individual scales that lie on top of each other. When washing with shampoo, the hair cuticle opens up. Conditioner contains nourishing ingredients that close this layer and smooth the hair. When the cuticle is closed, your hair is not only less susceptible to environmental influences such as UV radiation or wind, but also gets a wonderful, healthy shine.

The right conditioner for every hair type

There are two types of conditioner. Each is used differently:

Leave-in conditioner

As the name suggests, a leave-in conditioner is only applied after washing:

Anti-frizz leave-in conditioner

The light spray conditioner with cucumber tames your hair, makes it easier to comb and smoothing the texture.

Leave-in conditioner for curls

Conjures gorgeous curls out of an unruly mane, giving definition and bounce.

Spray anti-frizz or leave-in conditioner for curls into the lengths of towel-dried hair - and you're done!

Rinse off conditioner

Repair & Care Conditioner

For emergencies and demanding manes - gives strength & moisture and improves the hair structure with immediate effect!

How to use our Repair & Care Conditioner for damaged hair:

  1. First, wash the shampoo from your hair and rinse until the water runs clear
  2. Gather the ends of your hair as if you were making a ponytail
  3. Spread a small amount of conditioner into the ends (never apply conditioner directly to the scalp, it makes it greasy)
  4. Now rinse the hair again until it feels smooth and supple


Co-washing or conditioner washing is currently very much in vogue: If you have very dry hair, you can do without shampoo and just use conditioner. Apply it the same way you apply shampoo, then rinse. Washing with conditioner is particularly gentle on coloured hair and, above all, keeps curls healthy and beautifully cared for!

All our conditioners are 100% vegan, organic and contain no silicones, sulfates or other synthetic substances such as preservatives. Instead, nutrient-rich vegetable extracts, our organic ferments and other herbal ingredients care for your hair.

Have you already found the right conditioner for your hair type? We always look forward to feedback and reviews of our products!

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