Tips & Tricks for More Volume

Regardless of whether you have naturally thin and fine locks, or whether it is due to the damp weather in autumn, with a few simple steps and the right products, you can get the most out of your hair!

Shampoo & conditioner - less is more!

First, make sure to use the right products for your hair or scalp type. Special volume shampoos, such as our organic extra volume shampoo with chilli & blood orange, use effective ingredients to make hair fuller. For example, we add white clay to our shampoo to add volume whilst the chilli has a vitalising effect on the scalp and helps it absorb nutrients. This strengthens the hair and scalp in the long term, as well as promoting hair growth.

When using conditioner on fine hair, you should be economical: only pour a small amount into your hand and distribute it down the lengths of your hair! That's where intensive care is needed ...

Rely on a few effective products and don't use too many products at once or in a row. This can make hair flat.

Our tips for more volume:

  1. Blow-dry: Dry your hair at a low temperature. This way it holds volume better
  2. Air drying: half blow-dry - half air-dry or even let air dry completely. It will not only gain more volume, but this method is also healthier for your hair and scalp!
  3. Always spray leave-in conditioner & hairsprays into your hands first and then smooth them in. Don't spray directly onto your hair
  4. After washing and drying your hair, shake it out over your head again and don't brush it again!
  5. If you don't want to wash your hair yet, a dry shampoo can also help freshen up the roots - preferably in powder form
  6. When humidity is high, hair collapses quickly (and hats and bicycle helmets are unfortunately not beneficial here). A practical spray for on the go will quickly freshen up your hairstyle!

Our dream team for maximum volume

We love our organic hair growth shampoo with garlic and caffeine. It wakes up even the most tired locks with a sophisticated combination of active ingredients to strengthen roots and lengths. Look forward to full and bouncy hair!

The icing on the cake is our popular organic sea salt hairspray. We developed it because we miss the sea and the feeling of saltwater in our hair. The practical spray with real sea salt gives your hair texture and makes it grippy. You can style it better.

Spray a bit of hairspray into your hands and distribute it evenly, let the hair air-dry for a better effect, and throw the sea salt hairspray into your bag for quick refreshment when you're on the go!

Follow our tips, use our products and enjoy maximum volume and full head of hair!

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