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Organic deodorant without compromise!

Admittedly, a lot of awareness has been raised in recent years and at least most of us have probably heard that the best thing to do is use deodorant that is free from aluminium salts. But, what does this actually mean or is it simply a new marketing term that does not do justice to the topic at hand?

Many conventional deodorants contain a wide variety of substances that are questionable and so, we steer clear of using the formulas on our skin. There is no need to go into detail about our health at this point since it suffices if a substance may pose a possible risk to you or your body.

Why our deodorants do not contain:

  • alcohol
  • aluminium
  • parabens
  • or other synthetic preservatives

You know the feeling when applying certain deodorants to freshly shaven skin? Yes, exactly, ouch! This uncomfortable sensation is a clear indicator that something is agitating the skin. Therefore, our formulas only contain natural and effective ingredients that nurture the skin and are good for the body.

The thing is, sweating is healthy! It is an entirely normal reaction that cools the body down - amongst other things. An antiperspirant deodorant clogs the pores to inhibit sweat. This is helpful in avoiding unpleasant stains but is far from being healthy.

Our deodorants do not prevent you from sweating. They neutralise unpleasant odours and prevent them from developing. Should the effect wear off, simply reapply the formula and you're good to go. We use a combination of organically fermented and essential oils that care for and nurture the skin.

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