Skin Detox: The Artichoke

Ancient Mediterranean cultivated plant

The Romans and Greeks planted artichokes and incorporated them into Mediterranean recipes to make characteristic dishes. The bud, which is related to the thistle, not only tastes good but is also very healthy. For example, it contains beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, B vitamins, calcium and iron.

It was valued as a medicinal plant primarily for its positive effects on the digestive organs. The vegetables from the Mediterranean region contain many bitter substances that stimulate metabolism and promote digestion. Reaching for artichokes more often many lower cholesterol levels as it stimulates fat digestion.

Furthermore, artichokes possess protective and detoxifying effects on the liver. Incorporating artichokes supports the diet when incorporating it into your diet during a detox treatment: it promotes the removal of waste products and s

If you integrate artichokes into your diet during a detox treatment, you can optimally support it: It also promotes the removal of waste products and stimulates the body's alkali production.

Miracle weapon against skin aging

The bitter substances mentioned above are also beneficial for the skin:
They not only stimulate our digestion, but also the skin's metabolism. An extra dose of antioxidants also prevents the formation of free radicals. Thus, the collagen production of the skin is stimulated, the structure is generally improved and the regeneration of the cells is stimulated.

The miracle plant can therefore prevent skin aging and protect against environmental influences. Artichoke extract is also incredibly effective when it comes to firming the skin. It provides increased resilience and vitality.

We have specifically used these wonderful properties of the flower bud, also known as thistle, in our products:
Artichoke extract, paired with lavender essential oil, is incorporated into our Organic Firming Shower Gel and Organic Firming Body Lotion. It is also used in our Stay fresh Organic Artichoke & Rose Deodorant for a heavenly fragrant and experience.

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