Save the Fish

Act now, switch to refills!

You've probably come across a fair share of pictures illustrating marine animals that are caught in old fishing nets, suffering in agony - worst yet, dying as a result - because they are unable to free themselves. In fact, depending on the estimate, misused fishing nets account for up to 50% of the plastic waste in the oceans.

Illegal fishing is largely responsible for this, as fishermen fear being caught thus abandoning their nets in the ocean. These abandoned "ghost nets" float adrift, endanger marine animals and are rarely collected during clean-up projects.

It takes decades, if not centuries, for the synthetic yarn to break down into smaller plastic particles. However, this does not solve the problem at hand: in fact, these plastic microparticles are absorbed by marine animals with their food and also enter our bodies when we consume fish.

We turn trash into treasure

As part of waste collection projects in oceans and on beaches around the world, these fishing nets are given a second chance:

Our partner collects ocean-bound plastic, such as discarded and old fishing nets, fishing gear, ropes, trawls, etc. These materials are upcycled into plastic pellets, which are then used to make the pump dispensers for our refill system.

Upcycling at its best!

For clean oceans, beaches & consciences

The best thing about it? The dispenser can be refilled over and over again. On average, a household that uses 8 litres of soap can save up to 15 plastic bottles a year!

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