Reusable Veggie Bags - Zero-Waste Purchase

We love vegetables! Not solely for the purpose of their positive effects in cosmetics but also incorporating the delicious flavours into our diet. Furthermore, we love nature and do our best to avoid waste where possible. Therefore, our sets come with a very special feature.

Unlike countless products that are stored in disposable packaging, we have decided to opt for a reusable cotton bag instead. The versatile bag can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Use as a cosmetic or bits-and-bobs storage bag or swap out regular plastic shopping bags for our practical cotton bag instead.
  • The cotton bag is easy to wash, thus it can be used to hold your fruits and veggies in place in your refrigerator. Your produce will thus stay fresher for longer.

Our Travel Size Set comes with a small cotton bag that can be used to hold nuts, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, lemons, etc. The larger version comes as a complimentary gift when you purchase our "Compile your own Gift Set". This bag is ideal for larger grocery shopping trips.

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