Organic Ferments: A New Generation of Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

The world is filled with fascinating plants. Various parts of a plant can contain different effective ingredients for cosmetics purposes.

What's more: The method used to extract the raw material from a particular plant influences the effect thereof. Thus, countless precious, natural substances that benefit natural cosmetics can be obtained.

Due to the complexity of these compositions, natural cosmetics raw materials possess a broader scope of benefit as opposed to their synthetic counterparts. To name a few: Grape seed oil has anti-inflammatory, healing and antioxidant-rich properties while also strengthening the connective tissue. Furthermore, the valuable substances contained also soothe atopic dermatitis, dandruff and acne.

Regardless of this wonderful repertoire of possibilities, we will not stop searching for new natural, botanical ingredients that replace or outmatch synthetic or animal-derived raw materials. In doing so, we have discovered the new and fascinating world of organic, fermented ingredients.

We know that fermentation is the microbial transformation of organic raw materials for the production of (luxury) food such as sauerkraut, kimchi, cheese, tempeh, beer or wine. Using fermented ingredients in natural cosmetics opens up the door to new, extraordinary substances.

Ingredients that have undergone the fermentation process using microorganisms such as lactobacillus are generally well tolerated and possess various benefits depending on the particular raw material. A large number of valuable plant ingredients are made accessible thanks to this transformation. Some examples are:

  • Fermented coconut: (lactobacillus/Cocos nucifera fruit extract): A conditioning and intensively moisturising substance with antimicrobial effects that can replace conventional synthetic preserving agents.
  • Fermented chilli (lactobacillus & Capsicum frutescens fruit ferment extract): Unlike chilli extracts, this ferment contains capsaicin that prevents irritation from occurring. It also stimulates blood circulation resulting in nutrients being better absorbed by the skin. Hair and scalp are strengthened and hair growth promoted.
  • Fermented pumpkin (lactobacillus/Pumpkin fruit ferment filtrate): This precious ferment with vitamin A-rich pumpkin softens and smooths thanks to its exfoliating effect. Brittle and damaged hair is intensively cared for. The moisturising and smoothing properties lends the hair brilliant shine - from roots to ends.

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