NO to Animal Testing

Gegen Tierversuche

Animal testing for cosmetic purposes is prohibited in Europe and rightly so! As a matter of fact, it is prohibited to sell cosmetics that have been tested on animals. However, it is questionable whether the measures in place indeed serve to inspect all dubious cosmetic brands on the market.

China, however, dictates that animal tested must be conducted on cosmetic products if these are to be sold on the Chinese market, although several significant testing methods have come to light that does not include animal cruelty.

Tested on us!

Our entire product collection is and was tested on us - and our friends, who are excited about the fact that they get to test the products before anyone else. There are no instances of reddened or watery eyes during our "testing on humans" phase since because we take great precautions to only include ingredients that are completely safe to use. Another reason why there is no need to conduct any form of animal testing on our cosmetics.

Stop animal torture!

We are advocating for a global ban on animal testing, but until the necessary steps have been taken by the authorities, we would love to see cosmetics tested on animals bound to be labeled as such!

Even though there are several adequate testing methods that do not involve animal torture, 2 807 297 animals were used in testing during 2017 in Germany alone (source: Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany), many with deadly outcomes. Here are a few ways you can do your part to raise awareness about animal testing:

Purchase only cruelty-free products.
Spread the word. inform your friends, relatives and colleagues about the issue.
Become proactive: take part in campaigns and sign petitions to put an end to animal cruelty, e.g Doctors Against Animal Experiments

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