Hot Hot Hot: Chili in Cosmetics

Chili is one of our favourite ingredients and that's not just because it looks so great on our packaging! It does sound strange at first but chili can in fact be great for your skin and hair.

We bet you're wondering how that firey-hot vegetable could possibly be good for your skin. Well, we know a few tricks for using the good properties of chili in our products to make them available to your skin and hair:

Chili ferment

You've probably heard of fermentation before. We like to use organic ferments in our products so we knew from the start that we wanted to make use of the effective properties of chili.

By fermenting chili extract, we make a cosmetic ingredient called Lactobacillus/Capsicum Frutescens Fruit Ferment Extract, which has the warming effect of chili without irritating the skin. In fact, it is even known to soothe the skin!

We use it in our Extra Volume Shampoo because it promotes blood flow to the scalp. This keeps the hair roots well nourished and oxygenated, helping you achieve maximum volume! It also stimulates hair growth and makes your mane thicker.

Chili extract - Now it's getting hot!

But we also include non-fermented organic chili extract to make use of the pod's stimulating effect.

The extract is obtained in a gentle process that uses CO2 of natural (volcanic) origin.

CO2 extraction has 2 advantages:

  1. A higher active ingredient content
  2. Heat-sensitive active ingredients, especially antioxidants, are not damaged - there is a particularly high proportion in the plant extract.

This makes CO2 extracts particularly valuable ingredients!

The organic chili extract we use also contains natural capsaicin, the substance that is also responsible for the spiciness of chilies. In our Organic Chili - Cacao Lip Balm, a small amount of it ensures better blood circulation to the lips. This makes them look healthier and fuller. The skin is better supplied with nutrients and strengthened.

But be careful: unlike chili ferment, chili extract can cause a burning sensation, so you should avoid it if you have very dry and chapped lips.

Try the fieriest products in our range and give your skin a real boost!

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