Dos & Don'ts for Healthy Tanned Skin

Summer is here and most of us would like a bronzed holiday look. However, if you spend too much time unprotected in the sun, you risk your health. Too much sun exposure can damage your skin permanently and cause cancer. In order that you can enjoy your vacation and keep your skin healthy, we have a few tips:


Soak up the sun in advance

Before going on holiday, it is helpful to venture out into the sun for a few minutes a day WITHOUT sun protection. This allows your skin to get used to the sun slowly and without sunburn. But be careful: 10 minutes are sufficient for the beginning of summer - and if it gets too hot for you, then seek shade. This is also how your body produces vitamin D!

Exfoliate before your vacation

Before you leave, pamper your skin with a deep exfoliation. This removes dead skin cells and smooths the skin. And the more even the surface of the skin, the more even the complexion!


Drinking enough water helps to keep your skin healthy, just like a moisturising body lotion would. Do both regularly!

When sunbathing

On the beach or around the lake, this is the most important rule: If it gets too hot for you, get out of the sun! So make sure to take breaks from sunbathing (for example in the ice cream parlour around the corner) and wear a hat to protect your head. Once your skin is burned, there's no going back and - hand on your heart - sunburn really doesn't look particularly sexy, does it? By the way, you also tan in the shade, because of the UV radiation - only more slowly.

Always pack a lip balm on the beach - because wind and sun also dry out your lips.

After sunbathing

Allow your skin to cool off every evening and provide it with sufficient moisture. It is best to use a combination of a moisturising shower gel AND a soothing body lotion.


Fry for hours in the direct sun

Too much direct sunlight accelerates the skin's aging process. Direct sunlight causes people to wrinkle faster, they are more likely to have sagging skin, and are more prone to age spots. Even after you've put on your cream, you shouldn't forget to freshen up your protection. Especially after you've been in the water!

Exercise without applying lotion

When cycling or playing volleyball, the sun often doesn't feel so hot, but you'll still get sunburnt!

Sleeping on the beach

Yes, we also like to celebrate on vacation and the day soon wears on ... But you shouldn't sleep off your hangover on the beach. Do it in your room! This saves you from unpleasant surprises, such as sunburn or embarrassing sunscreen markings on your back. ;)

No matter where you spend your vacation, take good care of your skin, because it's there for life. With us, you will find wonderfully moisturising shower gels and body lotions. Find your favourite today to accompany you on holiday!

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