Clean Drinking Water For Families In Bangladesh

Climate protection is our mission! We go a long way to avoid and reduce CO2 emissions. Where we cannot (yet) avoid greenhouse gas emissions, we compensate with eco-social projects, for example in cooperation Helioz from Vienna. Since 2019 we have been supporting a climate project that guarantees clean drinking water for families in Bangladesh.

In many areas of Bangladesh, surface water is still the main source of drinking water (alongside rainwater). Unfortunately, because this is often contaminated, it must first be boiled, which requires firewood and has several negative effects:

  • CO2 is emitted when boiling
  • Firewood is needed for this and forests are cut down
  • Women spend a lot of time collecting firewood
  • Constant smoke in houses creates respiratory diseases, especially in children

With WADI, Helioz has therefore developed a cost-effective, solar-powered device with which contaminated drinking water can be safely sterilised by sunlight.

It's as simple as it is ingenious:
Several families living next to each other share a WADI. The device is placed in the sun with water bottles. The display then shows when the water has reached drinking quality due to the UV radiation from the sunlight.

The method has proven itself:
There is less disease and lower CO2 emissions. We are improving the climate and life of the people in Bangladesh in the long term - through better drinking water and by saving over 800 tons of CO2 per year!

You can find more information about Helioz and our project here

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