Bio-Plastics: Sugar Cane Instead of Crude Oil

Trash to Treasure - Tubes Made from Renewable Raw Materials

We want to make the world greener with our products. That is why we worked intensively on the formulation of our shampoos, shower gels & lotions. We also took a closer look at the packaging. Plastic isn't necessarily bad per se. The problem is that today we produce far too much of it and a very large part of the plastic products we use are discarded, wasting fossil fuels that should stay in the ground. Plastic is by default a petroleum product. Whilst versatile, it is definitely not sustainable.

The recycling rate for packaging material is improving and discarded material often goes to thermal recycling, which thanks to good filter systems is not as bad for the environment. Plastic need not be demonised, though less plastic is always desirable, being better for us and the planet. It has unique capabilities as a material and is a good packaging material for shipping because it is light. Fortunately, there is a solution to this complication situation: Bio-plastic!

Visionary Packaging: Sugar Cane Instead of Crude Oil

So what's the alternative? Hands On Veggies' products are purely vegetable. And so is their packaging! Our tubes are made of bio-based plastic made from sugar cane and are of course recyclable. The raw material for this is a waste product in the sugar industry, so it's a win-win! This helps us to keep our carbon footprint smaller and to save CO2 emissions! During the production of the material, 3 times the amount of CO2 is neutralized per ton, which helps to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

And what comes after ...?

If your body lotion or conditioner is empty, help us save resources. As banal as that sounds, if you always empty your tubes, you may need one fewer at the end of the year, saving production and recycling. In addition, you get more for your money. When disposing of empty tubes, pay attention to your regional waste disposal regulations.

To really empty the tube:

  1. First, shake the contents of the tube downwards (towards the cap)
  2. Cut the tube crossways in the upper third with scissors - make sure that the lower part is not so long that you can get your fingers all the way down to the end
  3. Now you can empty it completely! Often there is more left in the tube than you thought
  4. If there is anything left, simply push the upper part back on, so the tube still has a lid for a couple of days and your body lotion does not dry out!

You can also easily wash and reuse the spray cans of our deodorants. We use them to spray our indoor plants, moisten self-grown sprouts or mix anti-monster sprays with our kids. There are no limits to the imagination!

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