Benefits of Fermented Actives in Cosmetics

Plants are great - fermented actives are even better!

Of course organic, plant-based cosmetics are the best way to go because they pamper and care for the skin with the help of precious ingredients that are completely nature. However, the benefits of these botanical cosmetics are increased and the product gain even more skin-loving advantages when fermented actives are infused into the formulas.

Three Benefits of Fermented Ingredients

1. Certain fermented ingredients preserve formulas and replace preserving agents.

Fermented food such as yoghurt, kombucha and sauerkraut are staples in several kitchens around the world because they not only taste delicious but are also exceptionally healthy. The fermentation process usually entails adding special enzymes such as bacteria like Lactobacillus to natural materials which results in them counteracting unwanted bacteria and fungi. By using fermented ingredients we are able to forego the use of synthetic preserving agent and unnecessary fillers which leaves us with only the best potent and organic plant power to add to our products.

2. Fermentation makes plant-based actives more readily accessible

Fermentation leads to the components found in plants being split into various active ingredients. Several actives are only released once this process takes place or are improved as a result thereof. Therefore, fermented ingredients are better equipped to provide intensive care to the hair and skin.

3. Fermented ingredients are better tolerated

Microorganisms split the ingredients which makes the actives more accessible. The body is able to better recognise and absorb them. Therefore, botanical ingredients are better tolerated after being fermented - especially when it comes to sensitive skin types.

How fermented ingredients work

Hands on Veggies products are based on precious plant-based and organic oils as well as organic hydrosols. Carefully selected ferments are added to the formulas to lend the products unique properties.

Lactobacillus ferment

This ferment is obtained from Lactobacillus, which is typically used to manufacture kimchi or sauerkraut, by applying a special method which involves the use of a nutrient solution. It possesses diverse antimicrobial properties which counteract bacteria and has moisturising effects.

Coconut ferment (Lactobacillus / Cocos Nucifera Fruit Extract)

This ferment complements the aforementioned ferment perfectly and prevents the saccharomyces albicians and mould. It is formed when coconuts are fermented with a type of Lactobacillus which lends it antifungal properties. It is the reason why our products are well tolerated and moisturising.

Bamboo ferment (Lactobacillus / Arundinaria Gigantea Ferment Filtrate)

Silicone found in conventional cosmetics lends the formulas their smooth consistency and feel on the hair and the skin. Bamboo is a natural source of silica making it the perfect alternative to silicone. We, therefore, use bamboo in our product formulas to avoid unwanted side effects. Bamboo ensures that the hair has a supple feel and adds to boosting natural shine.

Fermented ingredients provide added care for skin and hair

Fermented ingredients possess a host of benefits. They are well tolerated, serve as natural preserving agents and provide intensive moisturising, antimicrobial and antifungal effects. The fermentation process also ensures that plant-based ingredients are better absorbed by the skin.

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